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Purchase FAQs

I bought the Mobipocket version of Life with Hope. How do I get it on my Kindle?

After completing your purchase (including payment processing), you will receive an email message containing a download link. Download the linked file onto your computer, taking note of where you save the file. Now follow Amazon's instructions: Send to Kindle by E-mail.

I tried to pay with a non-US credit card and it didn't work. Why?

When you select Pay by Credit Card, your transaction is processed through Intuit QuickBooks Payments. They advise that you can contact your card-issuing bank to ask if there are options for using your card with US-based businesses that require, as Intuit does, a 5-digit numeric ZIP code (postal code). There may be other reasons the transaction did not go through, so please read on.

PayPal allows the use of credit cards and may work more smoothly for non-US cardholders. Select the Pay with PayPal option at checkout.

We may be able to "manually" process your credit card, but this will require that you call us at a mutually agreed time. Please note that we do not have a toll-free number for this purpose. Send a request via email to [email protected] with your availability. Prior to the call you will place your order and choose Pay by Check at checkout. By the way, we accept payment by check, but only if drawn on a US-based bank (sorry about that).