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About ANLP

A NEW LEAF PUBLICATIONS (ANLP), the publishing arm of Marijuana Anonymous World Services (MAWS) was born out of the need for MAWS to develop and publish literature to help spread the message of MA, and to help the addict who still suffers.

ANLP publishes Life with Hope, now in its second edition. It also produces a monthly newletter, A New Leaf, which has a broadening circulation.

Most recently, the Literature Committee created and produced the Life with Hope 12 Step Workbook, which is intended to be of aid to the Sponsor and Sponsee working through the 12 Steps together. Its popularity with the sober community is second only to Life with Hope.

There are more than eleven thousand copies of the First Edition of Life with Hope in circulation. The stories in this Second Edition, now in its fifteenth printing with a circulation of over 20,000 copies, share the experiences of some of our members. These stories speak to the newcomer, to the addict who’s still using, to long-time members, and to anyone interested in some of marijuana addiction’s effect on a person’s life. The stories, and our book, speak to the fact that a “life with hope” is truly possible.